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A red-haired, tall, bright-looking female knight.

Background Edit

Despite dating the First Young Master for a couple of years , not only did Pesha not bear any children for him, he even found another maidservant which he had a son with immediately after merely two encounters. Pesha had intended to make that son inherit the position of the family head, but that notion had been struck down by the rest of the family. As that child is only 4 years old and could be considered Lorist's junior by a whole generation. That’s why the Pesha's claim was disapproved by many.

Story Edit

Even though Pesha was a silver ranked knight, she was never given any assignments and she wasn't associated with the garrison force of the family as well. After the women arrived at the bastide, Mistress Pesha managed to get permission from the old butler to be in charge of taking care of them. She then had some basic Battle Force technique diagrams copied and sent to the women and told them to not forget how badly they were treated and encouraged them to start training in Battle Force to become independent and be able to stand up for themselves should they experience the same hardships in the future.

Upon his arrival, Lorist free all the female captives of Wildnorth town. For their futures, they were free to choose from the following choices. They could rely on their relatives within the Maplewoods Bastide or try to make a living for yourself there. Alternatively, they could choose to follow him to Firmrock Castle and find a partner there to start a family and begin their lives anew or choose to become maidservants of the knights of my family or find some other kind of work. As for the third option, Lorist have decided to officially form a female garrison unit for those who have awakened their Battle Force to join if they wanted to. Their treatment and benefits would be the same as that received by the garrison force soldiers of their family. Naturally, even those who haven't awakened their Battle Force would be welcome to join that unit. However, they would only be given food and living quarters and wouldn't receive the full benefits of being a garrison force member unless they manage to awaken their Battle Force one day to qualify as a formal member of the unit.

Lorist also gave Pesha two choices. She could choose to be the leader of the female unit. However, he would take charge of raising and caring for his elder brother's illegitimate son. Alternatively, she could raise the son however she saw fit and not interfere with the matters of the family. She chose the former, and the female unit was left her charge.

Pesha's female garrison unit performed exceedingly well during the past two magical beast extermination operations at Felicitas Settlement. Lorist allowed Pesha to expand her unit to 3000 women but also requested her to have her subordinates be well-versed in first aid and medicinal skills so that they can also play the role of a medic unit on the battlefield. Lundmorde became a medical instructor for the female unit.

Relationships Edit

  • Norton Lorist: Pesha was finally able to come to terms with the true might of Lorist, causing her to develop a sense of respect and fear towards him.
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