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Baron Charles bought 100 pikes, 20 chain mails, 20 round shields, 20 two-handed greatswords as well as 3 full sets of knight armor. All the items totaled up to around 500 gold Fordes, but since the baron did not have that much money at hand, he decided to offer some other resources he had for trade. In the end. the baron spent 100 gold coins and ten carriages with two horses for each all filled up with wheat as well as 5 cows with another 50 pigs to be exchanged for the weapons. To commemorate his first sale, Charade offered the items at 80% of the original price and even treated the baron to a bottle of wine produced by Sloph’s vineyard.

In the evening, the baron came over with his eldest son, a Three Star Silver Knight, Soria, and four other attendants. Upon entering the campsite, the baron expressed his wonder and praise at the Norton Family’s military might.

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