Big Brother Tough Guy.

Belnick, or ‘Beck the White-haired’, was a three-star gold ranked knight born to a servant family of the Norton household. When he was still a silver rank, he had been poisoned and remained in his sickbed for years before Lorist treated him. After being given a high-ranked battleforce manual, he eventually trained to the gold rank.

Belnick, the vice-commander of the local defense legion. Also, the commander of the Recruit Brigade.

Appearance Edit

A white-haired youth.

Background Edit

Belnick was one of the most favored squires of Lorist’s father and was also the person who Lorist loved the most to spend time with. The young Lorist frequently called him 'Big Brother Tough Guy' because he thought that being able to toss him high up was a great display of strength.

When he was younger, and Lorist was 10, he wanted to venture to all sorts of places. That’s why he left the dominion for his travels. However, he didn’t know that Lorist had been exiled to Morante City until after he returned 5 years later.

Back then, he was riding tens of meters behind the Third Young Master. Nobody would had imagined that a Northlander Bear, a ferocious magical beast, would show up at a forest nearby the livestock farm of the dominion. That bear was easily over four meters tall and it suddenly rushed over to their group, greatly stunning all of them. The Third Young Master’s horse was so startled it stood right up and shook him off its back. However, one of the young master’s feet was still in the stirrups, causing him to be dragged along as the horse ran around rampantly in fear. Belnick quickly tossed his pike and nailed the horse onto the ground to stop it.

However, the scent of blood from the dead horse stimulated the Northlander Bear and it rushed towards it instantly. The Third Young Master’s feet at that moment were still caught in the stirrup and his whole body was also pressed to the ground by the dead horse. The garrison soldiers around them all fled in fear and he had no choice but to throw his only sword over to stop the bear. That sword dug into the bear’s lower rib and enraged it even further and caused it to change its target to him instead. After being chased around by it for quite a while, he was knocked flying with only one hit from its paw. As he laid on the ground and looked at the incoming bear, he picked up a pike that was dropped by one of the garrison soldiers that escaped and infused the last of his Battle Force into the blade and managed to give the Northlander Bear a finishing stab before I lost consciousness.

By the time he awoke, he got to know that three days had already passed. Master Dunbarsen said that it was practically a miracle that he managed to survive at all. Due to getting a hit from that magical beast, all of his ribs on the right side broke and many of my internals were pulverized. The Lord Baron had ordered for him to be sent to Wildnorth Town to recover and my condition only managed to stabilize after a year. Even so, for two years, his injuries kept acting up and caused him to be unable to continue training in Battle Force.

Master Dunbarsen said that there was nothing he could do to help him because most of my injuries were internal and many of his organs are already ruptured. That’s why even though his bones recovered rather quickly, the internal organs didn’t and he was not able to do any exercise at all, not even jogging. To prevent the recovery of my organs from being affected, he was ordered not to even eat bread or beef and could only have two bowls of oatmeal with salt every day with one small bowl of meat soup every three days.

When Lorist read Belnick’s pulse, he noticed that his physical injuries had long recovered and the reason he was so weak and frail was because he was being poisoned for the long term with force-dispersing toxin.Thinking back at the food that was served to Belnick, Lorist didn’t have to be a genius to figure out that Master Dunbarsen was behind all this. After regularly feeding Belnick with force-dispersing toxin, he caused him to be completely unable to recover his Battle Force. The meager meals he’d been having had also made him extremely feeble. Just by blaming all the symptoms on Belnick’s ‘ruptured internal organs’, he'd managed to trick a Three Star Silver ranked knight like him for this long a time.

Three years before Lorist's reign, Belnick, one of the Norton Family’s most important military backbones, had been put out of commission. Had he recovered quickly enough, the old master might have survived the battle with the barbarians. And if he were still protecting the family, then the Kenmayses wouldn’t have dared to set their sights on them. And just because they didn’t have a Three Star Silver ranked knight to rely on, the garrison forces dared to not heed the orders for reinforcements of the family during Lorist's father’s expedition to repel the barbarians and even started to dream of breaking free from their status as peasants.

Story Edit

After Lorist was entitled Duke of the Northlands, the house entitled twelve barons included White Belnick.

Abilities Edit

It was better if Belnick stopped training in the standard military Battle Force technique. His body was still a little weak, and the Battle Force technique taught in the military taps into one's innate potential. Due to having a wood attribute Battle Force, Lorist gave him a Battle Force manual entitled “Viridian Battle Force.” The wood attribute Viridan Battle Force having a great healing property ideal for Belnick’s condition. Lorist told him he could start serving him well when he reached the Gold rank.

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