Charade / Deathly Miser

Charade the Demon

Charade, also known as ‘The Fatty’, bore the title Chief Knight of the House and was a one-star gold rank. He was born in a family with a mercantile background and used to be the supervisor of Dawn Academy’s enforcement division. He was also one of Lorist's close friends.

He has a son named Charade Libert.

Personality Edit

Charade is a talented man; however, his greedy and miserly personality had caused him to miss out on the big picture. He was only focused on getting all the benefits without being willing to give any of the opportunities up and that trait was ideal for the Second Highness to exploit him to his advantage.

Appearance Edit

After leading the convoy for so many months, the pot belly he used to have had vanished and the once rounded and puffy face had become slightly more firm and chiseled. Charade's cheeks also seemed to have sunk deeper inside and he no longer looked bouncy and chubby. Wrinkles could be seen on his forehead with a few strands of white hair growing out from his bangs. It was apparent that the stress and burden he had borne had a lasting effect on him.

Background Edit

Charade was born in the Teribo Kingdom.

The head of the Enforcement Department of Dawn Academy. Named by the students as the most wretched person there.

Story Edit

When the Hanayabarta Kingdom invaded Silowas Island, after receiving Freiyar's message, Charade quickly notified the Whitebird Town garrison to make preparations for battle and instructed the third local defense brigade to come over to the town quickly to reinforce them. The hundreds of foes who arrived on shore on the first few ships were successfully intercepted by the garrison force, but there were many more ships behind them. More and more enemy troops began to swarm them. The hundreds of foes who arrived on shore on the first few ships were successfully intercepted by the garrison force, but there were many more ships behind them. More and more enemy troops began to swarm them.

After Josk drew the blademaster away, the Whitebird Town garrison crumbled from the overwhelming force of the enemy. At the critical moment, Patt and his third local defense brigade troops arrived and managed to drive the enemy away. Following that, Jim led his regiment of 500 guards to reinforce them, giving them the upper hand in battle. Charade was commanding the troops during the battle and thought that the reinforcements they just received would be able to drive the enemy out. He was right, the enemy couldn't resist them for long and were quickly beaten. But just as they saw the enemy retreating from the town, more than a hundred large-class merchant vessels arrived and started unloading their forces. This new wave of enemy troops was far stronger than those we had just beaten. They had many silver and gold ranks, as well as two blademasters. The local defense brigade suffered heavy losses right away, up to a thousand died. The first regiment leader of the brigade, Joseph, and the fourth regiment leader Donowan, died during that time.

Seeing that the situation was turning bad, Charade ordered them to evacuate the citizens of Whitebird Town to Farama Village as soon as possible. Other than that, he gave the order to arm the laborers and send them to fight off those pirates. At that time, they thought that they were merely pirates and didn't think for a second that they were actually the slavers and traders of the Hanayabarta kingdom.

Charade brought Jim and more than 20 guards to leave in a hurry. They had no clue what happened to them after that. 

During the celebratory show, Knight Rafaed sacrificed himself to save Charade.

After Lorist was entitled Duke of the Northlands, the house entitled twelve barons included Charade. As the chief knight of House Norton, he should've been made a baron without question, however, in comparison to Els, Terman, Yuriy and some others, Charade's promotion seemed a little too fast. 

Abilities Edit

Based on his martial prowess at the Three Star Silver rank, he reached the peak of Silver ranked fighters, and will break through into the Gold rank in the near future. Even though Charade was swamped with all sorts of tasks and also had to accompany his pretty little maidservant of his at night, he still managed to find some time to train in his Battle Force. His dedication to his training was really something to be admired.

In terms of ability, even Potterfang himself graciously took a few steps back and let Charade take the position as the chief knight of the Norton Family, thus making him the main supervisor of the northbound convoy. The man himself also did not let anyone’s expectations down and managed almost every affair, big or small, within the convoy. A man of Charade’s caliber was fit to be a high-ranking official in a kingdom’s government. Charade's impressive management skills had held his battleforce training back. 

When he was on the battlefield, his weaknesses would start to flow out ceaselessly. His hands and feet sweated incessantly and his face would turn utterly pale as he pranced around the battlefield in a state of panic, frightened by every little sound. His battle prowess in that state was not even comparable to a soldier who did not know how to utilize Battle Force. The usual beast-like calm and courage of Charade would instantly vaporize in the heat of battle. It wasn’t like he was not accustomed to seeing dead bodies; he had taken quite a few lives himself. Why, then, was he like that on the battlefield? For some reason, seeing so many people die at once and hearing the savage cries of the warriors made him feel nauseous. Potterfang and Loze, however, didn’t feel that it was a weird thing and concluded that it was because of Charade’s lack of exposure to large scale skirmishes such as these. One time, they said that if Charade were to use corpses as stools and dip his bread in their blood before biting into it, he would eventually stop feeling so affected by the surrounding atmosphere.

Despite having a stocky build, Charade is quite fast.

The 4th month of 1777 came with good news. Charade had successfully broken through to the gold rank.

Trivia Edit

  • Rumors painted Charade as a green-faced, fanged demon boasting a huge size of 3 meters in height and breadth, complete with horns on his head and a demonic tail sprouting from his hind. It was also believed that Charade had to consume at least 99 human hearts during every single one of his meals coupled with hot sauce made from fresh human blood.
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