Chino Freiyar, a three-star gold ranked mercenary, who had quite a reputation in the northwestern parts of the Redlis Kingdom. He had been forced into a labor camp because he had fought against some nobles. He was rescued by Lorist's convoy alongside his family and traveled to The Northlands to become a gold-ranked knight of the household. Freiyar, was the leader of the navy marine brigade. The marine brigade was officially declared the Oceanic Legion, Freiyar, became the commander of the Oceanic Legion.

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A tall, big-built man.

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He was orphaned from a young age and was raised by a kind female neighbor. When he grew up, he eventually married the neighbor’s daughter who gave birth to a pair of twins soon after. When the count’s pike cavalrymen raided his town, they broke into his home and ended up killing the woman who had raised him. In a fit of rage, he killed almost 20 of the pike cavalrymen but was later subdued by two Gold ranked illegitimate sons of the count who took his wife and kids hostage. Ever since, Count Cobry has waited for Freiyar to submit and serve him, but he never accepted the offer and has remained locked up.

Even though he was their prisoner, Freiyar was even more arrogant and bossy than the warden himself. He was the true leader within the prison camp. Even when a few of the guards were beaten up quite severely by him, the warden didn’t bother to take any action; he was satisfied as long as he didn’t attempt to escape. If it was not for his blind wife and his twins, he would’ve killed his way to the count for revenge long ago.

Story Edit

At noon on the 21st day of the 6th month, Senbaud's fleet left Silowas on a trip back to the Northlands. Wilson was patrolling around one in the afternoon when he discovered ships silhouettes not far away, so he ordered their men to sail out to see who they were. But halfway there, he realized something odd. More and more ships continued to appear, almost covering the oceans entirely. He was incredibly shocked and thought that the Chikdor Merchant Guild had decided to launch their attack. But using the telescope, he discovered that the flags flown by the ships were not uniform, neither was there any sight of the sword-and-barrel flag of the guild. So, he began to wonder where the fleet had come from and continued forward to intercept and question them. But before they even had a chance to converse, the ships began launching fireballs at them. Fortunately, their ship was agile and swift, allowing them to evade most of the enemy's attacks and escape. After they determined that they were enemy ships, they quickly returned to Silowas to alert the troops.

When the Hanayabarta Kingdom invaded Silowas Island, Freiyar suggested that we mount a naval attack against the enemy. That way, we would be able to give the island more time to prepare. He also ordered his men to inform Charade, Patt and his guard brigade, before ordering Wilson to seek out Senbaud, who had just left, and have him come back to reinforce them.

By the time Wilson reached Senbaud's fleet, it was already midnight. He gave the order to turn back and reinforce Silowas immediately. But the morning of the next day they ran into four ships from Freiyar's fleet that managed to break out of the encirclement. Freiyar had commanded 30 ships to receive the attack and managed to destroy more than 50 enemy ships, but the four that escaped were the last ones that remained. Freiyar had suffered heavy injuries. Freiyar had intended to intercept the enemy, but the enemy sent 100 ships to hinder his fleet, allowing the remaining ships to continue sailing to the island. Freiyar's fleet managed to break out of the encirclement.

Freiyar had commanded 30 ships to receive the attack and managed to destroy more than 50 enemy ships, but the four that escaped were the last ones that remained.

Freiyar's fleet used up all their weapons and had to board the enemy ships to fight in close-quarters. At first, they were able to take two ships, but the enemy sent out a blademaster which Freiyar went up to receive. After a few bouts, Freiyar got struck on his chest by the blademaster's sword, causing him to spit out blood and faint. Karitoke hauled Freiyar back. Karitoke later ordered them to break the encirclement. But right as they were about to leave, Karitoke was struck down by the enemy blademaster.

After Lorist was entitled Duke of the Northlands, the house entitled twelve barons included Mercenary Freiyar. 

Relationships Edit

  • Josk: Freiyar and Josk met two years ago, before Count Cobry’s demise, during the martial arts competition at Kessads Castle.
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