Gold ranked knight, and general of the Local Defense Force, Count Aslan, the elder brother of Viscount Aslan, whom Lorist had ordered to be beheaded. Count Aslan used to be one of the most-favored generals of the Second Highness.

Appearance Edit

A huge man with the back of a tiger and the waist of a bear.

Background Edit

House Aslan was one of the first to side with the Second Highness and they were well-trusted by him. Not only was Count Aslan a Gold ranked knight, he is also the commander who rebuilt the Royal Family's Second Local Defense Legion and his family held great power and influence. 

Story Edit

Count Aslan had personally mobilized his troops to kill Lorist. It was fortunate that Lorist took a detour and traveled to Domesger City by boat, causing Count Aslan to head to the wrong location. Otherwise, Lorist would have encountered them three days earlier.

He gave orders to regiment of cavalry troops to hold Lorist and the rest in place until Count Aslan arrived with his two regiments, totaling around 5000 soldiers, before beginning their assault. Count Aslan had left the banquet early, so he wasn’t aware of Lorist beating Blademaster Climonto. He believed that his three regiments, totaling around 7500 troops, would have no trouble preventing the escape of even a single soldier.

The Norton's breached five camps in one night and not a single enemy escaped. The surviving soldiers had all been captured. Around half of the Local Defense Brigade troops were incapacitated, with 147 of them dead and another 120 or so injured. The losses were suffered mainly during the final confrontation when the last of the cavalry managed to band together and launch a counterattack. After all, the Local Defense Brigade troops were only used to fighting defensively.

Count Aslan mobilized three regiments of troops, numbering 7500 soldiers in total, on this long-distance excursion of his own accord. He reported it as a long-distance training drill. In actuality, he had intended to catch up to Count Norton's troupe to avenge his little brother, Viscount Aslan.

However, it ended in the most tragic manner possible: with Count Aslan's death. More than 1600 casualties were suffered by the cavalry regiment; 800 were dead, and another 600 were missing in action. There were also another 200 or so deserters from that battle who later returned to back to the kingdom. Additionally, they lost most of their mounts as well. The two infantry regiments with 5000 soldiers suffered around 1400 casualties, with another 2000 or so missing, and a further 1500 who fled the battlefield, and have mostly returned. It’s worth noting that they were only faced with the 500 men brought along by Count Norton. The battle commanded by Count Aslan could be considered to be a tragic loss indeed.

Lorist's use flaming animals to crush a camp 5000 soldiers was a stroke of genius. He managed to gain victory with the smallest possible casualties. After that, he brought the head of Count Aslan with him but didn't enter Jillin Harbor. Instead, he got onto a ship at the coast around ten kilometers away from Jillin Harbor. He left Count Aslan's head on a branch somewhere near the beach.

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