Personality Edit

Arriotoli herself also gained a more heroic aura since two years ago when Lorist last met her.

Appearance Edit

A petite girl wearing a butterfly mask and veil.

She was brown-haired and her skin was smooth and fair. She had a slightly rounded chin and her face still had some traces of baby fat. Her collarbone looked really attractive, and while her breasts weren't large, they seemed rather firm and perky.

After two years, her palms that were full of callouses and blisters. Her skin had dulled quite substantially, and was quite far off from the fair, tender state that Lorist remembered.

Backgound Edit

After her father's fall in battle, the childish Arriotoli only ever wanted to rely on someone with power and backing to help us maintain control of our barony here. In the end, she managed to get to know Princess Carey and attended her paradise gathering, thinking that she finally found some good backing. However, the more she interacted with the princess and the rest, she found that she could trust them lesser and lesser. It was pure coincidence that she met Lorist there, so she thought she should just marry him to leave that circle of people.

Story Edit

The girl and her aunt were indeed beautiful and at some point they were doing it, they removed their masks. The girl told Lorist that her real name was Dina Arriotoli and her family's barony was at the west side of Jillin Harbor. She said that as she liked Lorist a lot, if Lorist wanted to take her as his wife, she would no longer participate in the Paradise Gathering. She also mentioned that she didn't need Lorist to give an answer right away as she feared being rejected outright and mentioned that she would return to her dominion and wait for three years. If Lorist was interested, he should go there to ask for her hand in marriage there would be a surprise in store for him if he did so.

Lorist questioned her about the surprise, and the girl said that she had another sister of 19 years of age who was even prettier than herself that was also a virgin. If Lorist chose her, he would get to marry her sister too since that was better for the barony because that would decrease the amount of the dowry by half.

In the two years, she had been waiting for him, she started training her bronze-ranked battleforce which she gave up long ago. Initially, she thought that she could rely on others to ensure the survival of her household. However, she came to understand that there was nobody more reliable than herself, so she started training hard in battleforce and the swordsmanship technique passed on through her family. 

When Els came and told her your Lorist’s actual identity, she knew that the dream she had been clinging to would no longer come true. She had always thought that Lorist was a knight, so she wanted to marry her sister off to him to stimulate his ambition and earn an achievement worthy of land just like her father. That way, both my sister and she could become the wives of a baron. She no longer wished to leave with Lorist. She wanted to remain in her family’s dominion to wait for her brother to mature and succeed the title and land. After that, she would become the household knight of the Dina house and protect her home for the rest of her life.

Shortly after the beginning of the princess' visit, she declared her entry into seclusion for training, she intended to break through to the silver rank and become her house's first female knight. Lorist was so amused that he almost laughed out loud. He had not heard of anyone who required seclusion to break through to the silver rank, only to the gold rank and above.

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