Appearance Edit

A petite woman wearing a spotted deer mask.

After two years, the young aunt looked like she lost some weight over the years, but that only helped make her prominent chests seem more apparent. As Anna was only 30, only one or two years younger than Lorist, she was in her prime of beauty. Only idiots would not desire her.

Background Edit

Her cursed husband joined the Third Prince's army one week after their wedding and died in the battle at Kobo City, causing her to be a widow for 9 whole years. After the first time Arriotoli participated the Paradise Gathering, she brought her along with me the next few times in hopes that I would find another person for her to marry, but it's a shame she didn't find one she liked.

Story Edit

She had attended the paradise gathering with Arriotoli as Chessy and Daisy. It was only during the end of the gathering that the girl told Lorist her real name. However, her aunt had long passed out from the sheer exhaustion of pleasure making with Lorist and did not get to tell him her real name.

Relationships Edit

  • Norton Lorist: She looked at Lorist with a gaze filled with burning passion.

Trivia Edit

  • She is 6 years older than her nieces.
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