Personality Edit

He is as calculating as people can get. As expected of the descendant of a merchant family.

Appearance Edit

He is a person of slightly shorter height that Lorist and the length of his blonde hair reaches his shoulders. He looks rather handsome and his face is cleanly-shaven with a rather pointy chin. His face bore a bright and graceful smile which gave him an elegant bearing which fit his image of a good-looking guy well.

Background Edit

His father was given a title, if only honorary, in the last days of the empire. He was educated in the ways of nobility. It would explain his effortless integration into the society of proper nobility when he was given a fief.

Abilities Edit

Naturally, Viscount Kenmays was also a Two Star Silver ranked fighter and he could go into battle himself. However, he understood his own temperament and abilities as the reason he so painstakingly raised his Battle Force rank was not because he wanted to compete against others but rather to put on airs to seduce women into bed with him. While he could still command his troops on the battlefield, there was no way he would be willing to lead a charge.

Relationships Edit

  • Maidservants: Count Kenmays originally had two new beautiful maidservants. They got pregnant and had to get married off to others. He had to pay out quite a sizable dowry for them too. This was a better option then keeping them as his concubines. Letting them stay after they had a child would cause them to have unhealthy ambitions. It would bring him nothing but unrest. For their own sake as well, marrying them off was still the best course of action. He also gave them a yearly allowance as well. When the children were older, he would adopt them and begin cultivating their talents.
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