Personality Edit

Beneath the duke's facade of a person of average ability who had many vices hid a heart filled to the brim with ambition. Being a devious person, even though the duke might forgive one's errors on the surface, he might secretly take several methods to ensure one's demise and won't stop until one's life has been broken apart.

Background Edit

During the formation of the Iblia Kingdom, the Second Prince has agreed to make Duke Loggins the overlord of the nobles of the Northlands to gain his support. This is the main reason why the Norton Family was subordinate to the him. However, the Second Prince also granted more than 90 titles to some new nobles, among which more than 40 of them had been enfeoffed land in the Northlands. Viscount Kenmays was also one such noble.

The sudden entitlement of so many nobles was because the Second Prince had hoped that the Northlands would develop faster with the new nobles in charge. But, it has caused quite a bit of trouble for Duke Loggins. After gaining their titles, the nobles have been involved in countless conflicts for territory and 3 newly-entitled noble families and 1 old noble family have already perished. The duke had since changed his plan on taking the whole of the Northlands by force and is instead secretly fanned the flames of war among the nobles to reduce their power and force them to rely on him. Therefore, the situation of the Northlands was incredibly volatile and no noble was safe from it.

Story Edit

During the time, Josk guarded Firmrock Castle, the allied noble army formed by the duke wasn't able to penetrate it at all and ultimately suffered a defeat from the arrival of the convoy's main force.

The house Norton convoy had defeated the allied noble army which had Duke Loggins as its leader and were completely victorious. To pay the duke back for what he did, the Norton Family even robbed the duke's dominion clean, which was one of the most prosperous areas of the Northlands, and even forcefully migrated the population away from there to their own dominion. Currently, there was no central power within the Northlands and it was in an anarchic state.

That situation was practically a godsend for the Second Prince's predicament and he sent his soldiers towards the Hendliff Suspension Bridge immediately. Without even sparing any effort, they managed to conquer the two strategic locations including the bridge and Freist Castle and proceeded to occupy Gildusk City. Duke Loggins was unconscious from vomiting too much blood from his anger.

The Second Prince waved his hands and ordered for the duke to be moved to Windbury City with the excuse that he would receive better treatment for his illness there. Everyone else understood that there was no way that the duke would be able to make it back to the Northlands during the rest of his lifetime.

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