One-star gold rank Dulles. Being of common birth, he had joined up with Lorist when he was still at Dawn Academy because he admired Lorist's swordsmanship. Dulles was utilized extensively and was the one who founded the carroballista unit so monumental to the northbound convoy’s success. He was also one of Lorist's favorite subordinates.

Story Edit

Dulles was one of the Dawn Academy students who had willingly followed Charade to join the northbound convoy.

He was appointed by Lorist to fill an important role and was made into the captain of the carroballista unit. He had traveled and weathered through the hardships with the rest of the convoy from the 2nd month to the 9th month, 7 whole months. 

Dulles, had been traveling with Lorist ever since the days of Dawn Academy. Being the founder of the carroballista unit and its commander, he had gained many achievements over the last decade. However, his silver rank battleforce had caused him to stand out in a bad light even more among the commanders of his army. Now that he had broken through to the gold rank, he had become one of the gold-ranked knights of the household. Being another person Lorist deeply trusted, he would definitely be utilized more often.

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