Defenses Edit

As the first outer wall had been completed. The new wall which was around 7.5 meters tall and 3.5 meters wide, with a length around 86 meters with two other walls extending at right angles from both ends, effectively forming into a '|_|' shape. The main difference between this outer wall and the one at the other end facing the Norton Family's dominion was that Lorist had borrowed elements from Ancient Chinese architecture to build blockhouses on the face of the walls with each extending outwards from the wall by 2 meters and having a width of 5 meters while extending upwards to 1 meter above the wall itself, causing the whole stretch of the wall to look rather imposing.

Lorist's plan for the blockhouses had caused them quite some trouble. Castles in Grindia usually didn't have blockhouses that protruded from the walls itself but rather ones built atop the walls. Most city walls had blockhouses built on the front and back of the top part the walls to increase the their defensive capabilities. The blockhouses protruding out of the wall that Lorist had asked to build wouldn't be a problem if it was only one wall, but they would definitely impede the construction of the second outer wall. The fact that the second wall had to be three meters taller than the first wall was even more of a problem.

The model Zanben brought over was modified to accommodate for that structure by giving a slight slant to the stairs that connected the blockhouses to the walls. While it did not impact its defensive capabilities much, it did look less aesthetically appealing.That's why Grandmaster Ciroba was very against it and believed that the blockhouses should be built individually instead of having them connected to the walls. But that would significantly lessen the defense. What Lorist wanted was strong defense and not looks. If the second outer wall gets breached, they could easily close the main gates of the blockhouses of the first wall and effectively lock the enemy out. That way, they wouldl also have more time to retaliate against those who have made their way beyond the second wall. If they separate the blockhouses, once they get conquered, the first inner wall wouldn't be able to hold out for long.

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