Grandmaster Ciroba is the most accomplished architect in the Iblia Kingdom.

Personality Edit

Given his arrogant temperament, he even dared to not show any respect to dukes and marquises of the Second Prince’s royal court.

Appearance Edit

The grand architect is a man in his forties.

Background Edit

Two years ago, the Rose Palace which he designed had received critical acclaim and that project had caused the grandmaster’s name to soar to fame.

He was a treasured talent of the Second Prince. The Kenmays family head spent quite a lot of money to hire Grandmaster Ciroba to plan the construction of their city.

Story Edit

He claimed credit for the design of the castle without even being asked. However, he refused to answer some of Lorist’s question about the castle and even cursed Lorist for cowardly assaulting and taking over the construction site when their side was unprepared. He demanded for Lorist to leave the area or face the consequences. He was tied up on the flagpole and given 50 canes to make sure he knows his place.

Grandmaster Ciroba, had ruined Lorist's plan before it was put into motion. Before the ambush, the metal armor equipped soldiers had all forgotten about Grandmaster Ciroba after being told to find a place to hide from sight. That was why he had managed to sneak out to alert the Feathersoar Mercenary Crew on that day.

Right after the battle that day, a few guards wanted to look for this cursed old guy to give him a good beating. But when they found him, he was crouched on the ground muttering something about seeing a demon. It was not long after that they understood that he was referring to Lorist. After giving him a sound thrashing, they tossed him back into his cell. He had severe nightmares that caused him to spring awake screaming about demons in the middle of the night while also begging for Lorist's forgiveness so that he wouldn't eat him alive. After that, some of the guards used his name to frighten him when they had nothing better to do and every single time it caused him to cry nonstop.

He was brought to Telesti, the Grandmaster Ciroba was to become her subordinate.

 Lorist gave out six honorary titles. One was given to Grandmaster Ciroba. the genius architect forced by Lorist to serve the house had already taken charge of all of the house's construction projects. He was currently neck deep in projects and had a rather fervent tendency of naming all the projects after himself, for example, Great Ciroba Dam, Ciroba Citadel, Ciroba Highway, and many others. While most of the names were later amended, it didn't change the old architect's habit. Just recently, he had named cannon station and lighthouse at Bullhorn Bay Ciroba Battery and Ciroba Lighthouse. In the end, Lorist changed the Ciroba Battery to Bullhorn Bay Battery, but he allowed the lighthouse to keep its original name.

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