Grandmaster Sid is truly is a gem. He’s a grandmaster armorer. Grandmaster Sid, was put in charge of the refinery at Ironforge Castle.

Background Edit

The 100 plus armor sets Lorist managed to retrieve from the defeated bandits were actually made by him over the past three years. He’s also well-versed with looking for metal ore veins. The iron mine near the bandit stronghold was found by him. He uses the materials gathered there primarily for making weapons and armor for the bandits.

Story Edit

The Norton Family would desperately need someone like Grandmaster Sid, so they brought him and 10 others within his family to the dominion. He could be considered to be part of their spoils since he was serving the bandits and is subject to whatever they have in mind for him. 

After Lorist was entitled Duke of the Northlands, the house entitled Grandmasters Sid and Fellin as a viscount. Lorist's reasoning was that without them the household wouldn't have gotten Sid steel armor, steel ballistae and catapults, all of which were central to the Nortons' successes. Rumour had it that Grandmaster Sid cried like a small child as he pledged to serve House Norton on behalf of his descendants for eternity during the ceremony.  

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