Norton Lorist formed a garrison division for the archipelago comprising five brigades. Norton Molocinque, was to be the division commander with Norton Wellickson acting as his aide.

The garrison division the house has three land-based brigades and two maritime brigades, each numbering three thousand men. Their load outs is similar to the local defense brigades. The three land-based brigades are stationed at the capital area, the hilly area and Port Nupite respectively. Citadels were constructed at these respective sites as a defensive stronghold.

Other than that, two maritime brigades were stationed at Port Nupite, with 16 armed ships under their command to patrol the waters of the archipelago and drive away potential enemies.

Wellickson, began learning the ropes of sailing and training your troops at sea, from Senbaud. He had three years to train his maritime troops.

The three land-based brigades, were Molocinque to command. He was given three years to finish the construction of the three citadels as well as the training of his troops.

He was also tasked to maintain order around the archipelago and cooperate with Governor Hector to ease the liberated slaves into their new lives. The hope was for the archipelago to be self-sufficient within the next five years and no longer require support from the house.

Also, after three years, the hope was that the archipelago would be able to supply the main household with a thousand elite and well-trained soldiers on a yearly basis. The inner city of Port Nupite would also be put under charge of Governor Hector as his main base of operations. He was to form another city defense brigade there that was directly under the control of the governor's office.

The governor's office being above the chain of command of the garrison division, and the garrison division would not have any control over the city defense brigade. While the governor's office had the power over the garrison division, that is only limited to yearly supply and inventory checks. This did not mean that they could direct military affairs, unless there was an invasion or a large-scale rebellion.

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