Even though Viscount Aslan was only an honorary noble, his brother Count Aslan was a proper landed noble. Additionally, the House Aslan was one of the first to side with the Second Highness and they were well-trusted by him. Not only was Count Aslan a Gold ranked knight, he is also the commander who rebuilt the Royal Family's Second Local Defense Legion and his family held great power and influence.

Second Highness Auguslo had the Royal Local Defense Force's First Legion send out a regiment of troops with Davey Copperfield as the commander to thrash the Aslan Family dominion and completely exterminate their family. The men of the Aslan Family were to be sent to join the suicide corps and given a chance to atone for their crimes with their achievements. The women were to serve as prostitutes for the soldiers at the military brothels.

Viscount Aslan had committed serious transgressions. He was a tax collection officer the Second Highness had appointed, and yet he kept him in the dark about his corruption. He had been executed before his eyes, so he pitied the viscount and decided to put the matter behind him. Who would have known that a general like his elder brother, Count Aslan, would mobilize the troops to exact his personal vengeance and cause the kingdom to suffer so many casualties. He treated his highness's soldiers as those of his family. These actions were the reason why he had stripped Count Aslan of his title and taken back his county.

If he had won that battle, his highness probably wouldn't have held him responsible. But 7500 men, all from the main army, defeated by a mere 500 of House Norton. This was the epitome of incompetence and idiocy.

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