The insignia of the Felim Family depicts a silver pegasus. They are known as the Family of the Pegasus.

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The Felim Family was one of the 7 families that rebelled in the Newmoon War.

One of the wandering knights who paid the Second Prince a huge sum to be made into a noble is Baron Felim Chalvode. The baron was one of the descendants from the Family of the Pegasus and he wishes to one day return his family to its previous glorious position.

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The original dominion of the Family of the Pegasus is within the Southern Province of the former empire, which has been divided into three commanderies by the Second Prince ever since he came into power. During the days of the civil war, Chalvode became the Second Prince's subordinate and battled along side him for five whole years, hoping that he could receive a noble title and be enfeoffed the former land of his family.

However, he did not expect that during the formation of his kingdom the Second Prince would send his messenger to him and ask his family to provide a huge sum of funds, citing the reason that the formation of the kingdom had caused them to be quite tight on money, and saying that Chalvode would only receive the title if he agreed to help out. He trusted the words of the Second Prince and agreed to help him raise some money, with the condition that his family would be enfeoffed their former land when they were given a noble rank again, to which the Second Prince agreed.

In the end, on the day when he was entitled, he found out that the land he had been given was actually in the Northlands. When je asked the Second Prince why, he said that he wanted to deploy his troops against the Melein Duchy and explained that the three commanderies of the Southern Province would be the frontlines of battle. He only found out later that it was the sum of money he had given the prince that prompted him to have suspicions about his family's wealth. He thought that hundreds of years ago when the Felim family fought Krissen IV in the Newmoon War, they hid a lot of their wealth within their family dominion and believed that to be why they were able to procure such a huge sum for him so easily. And so, the Second Prince sent his men throughout our old dominion and dug all over the place to look for the so-called treasures and even desecrated the tombs of their ancestors.

The baron only discovered the ruined graves when he paid a visit to the old dominion a few years ago. When he confronted the Second Prince about it, he insisted that he wasn't behind it and put the blame onto the Melein Duchy's forces when they invaded. Naturally, he had to hold his temper back then since he was a king after all.

Before he came to the Northlands, the Second Prince encouraged the nobles who had been enfeoffed land here to start fighting against the old noble families of the Northlands and promised that no matter how much land they obtained as a result, he would acknowledge their ownership over it. That's why battles broke out all over the Northlands a few years back. Even though Chalvode was only a baron, he still managed to conquer the lands of a nearby viscount and two other barons. After linking the four dominions together, he no longer sent out any more troops and wanted to focus on managing his territory.

When the Second Prince launched his assault against the Madras Duchy, he ordered him to send some support. So, he had my cousin brother bring 1000 soldiers there only to have them completely killed off by the Second Prince with not even one of them returning alive. His cousin brother who had fought with him for over ten years and was a Three Star Silver ranked knight who could have become Gold ranked like him, gone, just like that, and that Second Prince did not even attempt to address that matter and pretended that it didn't even happen.

The prince then occupied the dominion of Duke Loggins who was defeated by the Norton family and the moment he got a foothold in the Northlands, he instantly dropped all attempts at diplomacy. After the baron paid his yearly taxes to him, he sent a tax officer to demand for extra money that was due from the lands of the two barons and viscount he conquered. Not only that, he sent his soldiers to ransack the houses of the citizens of his dominion. Even though he argued that he had already paid the due taxes, the officer said that it was only for his own barony and not the other two baronies and viscounty. Thus, the baron went to look for the prince again and he said with a straight face that the situation had changed as the Northlands, which was under the rule of Duke Loggins formerly, is now under his personal rule. That's why he forbade battles between nobles from that day onward and even said that he would take the lands of the defeated noble families back into his own hands. The hard work the baron put into conquering the three extra territories had all gone to waste.

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The Family of the Pegasus has had enough of the Second Prince. Baron Felim Chalvode came to propose an alliance with the Norton Family to cause the Second Prince to sustain a huge loss. That way, he will have an even harder time suppressing the Felim family as well so that they could take their time to recuperate and develop.

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The Felim Family, recruited around 50 wandering knights from the knighthood competition hosted at Firmrock Castle.

At the Windbury knighthood tournment hosted by House Fisablen, Baron Felim recruited Knight Bonawar. When Bonawar found out that House Felim had formed a legion of 46 thousand in The Northlands, he was convinced to pledge allegiance to House Felim. Baron Felim made it a point to mention that, the house’s new legion was one constructed with lots of effort and funding, so the baron wasn't willing to just throw it away. Bonawar’s style of command was cautious but effective, so Felim felt he was the perfect man for the job.

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