If everything went well with the invasion of Madras Duchy, the house would have to face House Fisablen right after taking Madras. After the relocation of Count Kenmays, Tigersoar would be stationed in the eastern area of The Northlands to apply pressure to the troops in Wild Husbandry. But given Tigersoar’s trait as a heavy-armored cavalry unit, it will find it hard to deal with the mobile and agile cavalry troops of Duke Fisablen.

That's why Lorist discussed forming a brand new light cavalry division similar to those of the duke with Charade, the Jaeger legion, the troops would be known as mounted jaegers. Josk was tasked with the position of legion commander with as Yuriy his second-in-command.

The best countermeasure they had against the duke's cavalry were the mounted jaegers. The only other method they had to deal with them was to crush them with pure numbers in an open field battle, but they were fighting in the grasslands, the duke’s home turf, he would nto afford them that kind of luxury. They would also suffer in terms of terrain.

Lorist ordered all the legions to allow Josk and Yuriy to recruit from them. They could pick whoever they thought were fitting for the Jaeger legion, making sure to leave some people in the groups from which they recruited. They only had a year to get the new legion in shape.

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