Kobo City, the City of Forged Iron.

Even though Kobo City is under the direct control of Duke Madras, it is both a military base as well as a warehouse area and usually doesn't allow guests within it. Usually, the garrison is not allowed to provide any food without the authorization of the duke.

Kobo City has two walls. The first one is around 10 meters high while the second wall is roughly 20 meters from the first wall and standing at a height of 12 meters. There are a few sentry towers on the two walls, but no visible defensive machines of any kind. Those are probably protected within the towers. At the middle of the city is a 5-storey castle too. Even if the walls outside were breached, the soldiers can still retreat into the castle to put up resistance. Additionally, Kobo City had a 6-meter-broad moat.

It is 5 kilometers from Count Kelock's bastide.

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