Hollycost the young prince of Iblia, the child the second prince the queen birthed after their drunken lock-up.

Background Edit

Unfortunately, perhaps because of the use of drugs, Hollycost was born with a congenital heart disease. One of his herbalists said he would likely not even see his twentieth birthday.

The young prince was abandoned by the queen after his birth and was put under Duke Fisablen’s charge, who treasured the child like his very own kin. However, when he found that the young prince had a birth defect, he no longer cared as much and didn't consider him a trump card anymore. In fact, it was Sylvia who had dragged the child along with her and raised him like her own little brother.

Story Edit

Hollycost had passed away suddenly without warning. The servants initially thought he had simply fallen asleep. It was only in the evening, when the servants felt that he had slept for far too long and attempted to wake him, that they realized that his body had cooled and he was no longer breathing.

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