When the Second Highness conquered Frederika, the First Prince escaped through a secret path leading outside the city, with three thousand of the first prince's most elite troops. It led to a small valley in the Cloudsnap Mountains located 50 kilometers from Greatsnow Mountain, specifically, Baron Krimando's dominion, the first prince's illegitimate son. The valley was the last resort the first prince left for himself should he ever require it.

He had been hiding within ever since he escaped from Frederika and watched as the nobles of Redlis kingdom struggled against the forces of the Andinaq Kingdom, waiting for the opportunity to strike and rebuild his kingdom. He do not think he'd have to use his trump card early to deal with the Second Highness, who were about to lock him within his little dominion.

The Second highness forced also forced to flee Frederika, also came across Baron Krimando's dominion. His Highness decided that Baron Krimando's dominion would be the best place for us to rest. If they had someone defend the valley's entrance and prevent anybody from getting in or out, nobody would discover what was going on inside. They headed for the valley and conquered the small castle near it in a night assault. Once they occupied the castle, His Highness instructed someone to advise Baron Krimando to surrender. Bowen Ketty volunteered and marched over proudly to carry out the task. Nobody expected his decapitated head would be hung above the walls of the baron's castle a few minutes later. They were almost driven crazy by anger, no sane noble would do something as egregious as murdering a messenger. His Highness instantly ordered his men to continue pressing their attack and avenge Knight Bowen. After two months of bloody battles passed, they incurred mass causalities.

When they finally breached the castle, they got to know from their captives that the baron was actually the first prince's illegitimate son. They killed and killed. His Highness almost broke down as well. They never dreamt of clashing head-on against the first prince there and casualties piled up on both sides. In a fit of rage, His Highness ordered them to kill all the captives and citizens they came across. After all, they were the enemy's families. His Highness also managed to behead the first prince and his illegitimate son personally before he coughed up blood and fainted.

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