Loze Wales, nicknamed ‘Fiercetiger Loze’, was a peak three-star-gold-ranked knight whose father was a mercenary. After he matured, Loze joined the army and became one of the legion’s generals. He joined House Norton along with his friend, Potterfang.

Personality Edit

One's grounds is always decided on where one is sat'. For instance, Loze used to be a mere ex-officer of the disbanded Whitelion Legion when he joined the northbound convoy. After experiencing seven years of civil war within the empire, he hated the nobles with fervor and thought the empire fell due to their greed. It was for this reason that he didn't hesitate to take the actions he did and hang the members of around 40 noble households when he first agreed to a deal between the second highness and the convoy.

In a flash, ten years had passed, and as a gold-ranked household knight of House Norton, Loze was now a quasi-noble himself. With Lorist's ascension to dukedom, he would have a place among the barons entitled by Lorist himself. With that, his position on the matter changed and he resolved himself to live in a way befitting a member of the nobility. He went to great lengths to familiarize himself with the protocols and etiquette of the nobility. That was why he raged at the second highness's massacre; he felt such an action was an affront to all nobles.

Back then, he couldn't help but want to kill off as many nobles as possible. Yet, he was now proud to be one of the peerage.

Background Edit

Loze was quite a candid and proud youth. His father used to be a mercenary and had left him a high-ranked Battle Force manual, hoping that he would one day become a legendary mercenary. However, due to having been exposed to stories of knighthood and chivalry at a young age, Loze enlisted for the army without letting his father know. His dream was to become a knight instead of a mercenary and that enraged his father to the point where he almost got a stroke.

In the Whitelion Legion, Loze was known as a fearless and unparalleled general. However, the legion was disbanded after the civil war tore the empire apart. Loze returned home only to find his family and friends all gone. Suddenly losing everything he cared about, he no longer had any attachments and formed a group with a few other of his comrades to go venture the world. On one fateful trip, he rescued a slave trader from a bandit attack and got hired as a bodyguard and followed him all the way to Port Nupite.

It was then when he bumped into Potterfang who was there to purchase some slaves to form the main force of the Norton Family on the journey to the Northlands. Intrigued by the prospect of adventure, Loze brought another friend who was unwilling to continue working as a bodyguard for a slaver, Mons Malek, along to see Potterfang.

Story Edit

Loze, snuck into Windbury secretly to participate in the knighthood tournament. To prevent Lorist from noticing, he wore his own weapons and armor. Had it not been for the golden tiger insignia on his armor, Tarkel might not have even taken note of him since he is lumped together with the other wandering or freelance knights.

He had racked up nine consecutive victories and won four sets of knights' armors, four mounts, and more than 200 gold Fordes. Selling the spoils, he got to a reseller netted him another 200 Fordes.

Before he could be reprimanded by Lorist, Baron Felim came in at that moment and saved Loze.

On a side note, after conquering the imperial capital, he found himself four lovers of noble heritage and managed to save their households from the massacre.

After Lorist was entitled Duke of the Northlands, the house entitled twelve barons included Fiercetiger Loze. 

Abilities Edit

Lode is as fierce as a tiger and witty and agile at the same time, allowing him to kill his enemy by landing only one strike.

Based on his training style. Only by fighting against high-tier enemies will he be able to improve. As a gold-ranked knight he could stand against rank 1 blademasters. 

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