Silver-ranked knight and regiment leader of the guards, Mort, managed to break out of Farama Village's encirclement but sacrificed himself voluntarily to protect the regiment of troops on the way to Swordfish Ridge.

Mort and Ruhr, messengers of the northbound convoy who had traveled far and hard. Of all the people in the group that had set off to find him, only those two had made it, the rest died along the way.

Ruhr and Mort were willing to tag along with Lorist to meet up with the convey. He appointed them to be the captains of the guards to manage the security of the supply carriages.

Mort had followed Lorist all this time, slowly training and breaking through the silver rank when he was part of Lorist's personal guard squad. Later, he was made a knight of the house and took on the position of the regiment leader of the guard brigade.

During the Hanayabarta kingdom's invasion, the regiment leader of the guards, Mort, who was stationed at Seaview Manor brought a regiment of troops to Farama Village, only for them to encounter the enemy fighters that were making their way to the village for an assault. After driving away the enemy, Mort entered the village and they finally had enough people to defend themselves. But the enemy fighters that came after brought a blademaster along. That blademaster attempted to barge into Farama Village alone. Fortunately, the third local defense brigade had installed more than a hundred steel ballistae on the village walls. The first volley of 40 plus bolts instantly turned the blademaster into a pincushion. The enemy were staggered by their losses and ceased their attack on them temporarily.

At that time, the regiment leader of the sixth logistics regiment, Knight Ollison, had intended to fire the ballistae right away, only to be stopped by Mort. Mort said that we should use longbows to drive those fellows away to make them think that they didn't have other long range weapons to defend themselves with so that they could catch them by surprise with their ballistae when they mount a full-scale attack. Only with that could they cause them a huge loss. The blademaster seemed incredibly proud and overbearing, dashing towards the walls without hesitating. Seeing him approach, Knight Mort ordered his men to use the 40 plus ballistae mounted on the wall to fire in two separate volleys when the blademaster was less than 60 meters away. While the blademaster managed to deflect four bolts heading directly for him at first, the second volley pierced through his torso entirely. He was dead on the spot. Mort was afraid that the bolts weren't enough, so he ordered the longbow troops to fire two more volleys at the blademaster. There was hardly anything left but the bolts and arrows when we were done. When Knight Mort determined that the enemy fighters were less than 200 meters from the village, he ordered the ballistae to fire again. They didn't expect their balistae to have such a range, they lost around 50 of their men before running off, tails between their legs. The moment Knight Mort and Knight Ollison heard the report of some guards and soldiers that just came over, they decided that there was no way that they could defend Farama Village. According to the men, the enemy had two more blademasters with them. While that wasn't that huge a threat during daytime, the night would impact the vision of the ballistae operators greatly. The effective range of the ballistae would be greatly reduced. The moment a single blademaster got close, it would be the end of them.

Mort believed that they should use the opportunity when the enemy fighters were retreating to make their escape. Only by reaching Swordfish Ridge would we be able to defend themselves until reinforcements arrived from the mainland, given the advantage the elevated terrain afforded them. As long as they defended the routes up the hill with their ballistae, no number of blademasters would be able to break through their ranks.Knight Ollison thus ordered the sixth logistics regiment to mount all the steel ballistae onto carriages to serve as escorts on their flanks. The sky was still somewhat lit during their time of departure, but it didn't take an hour for the darkness to blanket them. When the enemy found their tracks, they followed along and called for more reinforcements. This was when Knight Ollison elected to stay back. He took just over a hundred local defense brigade soldiers and guards with him and prepared an ambush for the enemy. Not long after they resumed their escape, sounds of fighting broke out in the distance. However, it only lasted half an hour. By the time it quieted down, they had already arrived at the foot of Swordfish Ridge.

The way up was not an easy one. Given that the enemy was going to arrive at any moment, they prioritized getting the women and children up the ridge, all the while forming a semi-circular defense line with the carroballistae to defend the route uphill.They held their position against the enemy for over an hour, but the ballistae became worn and ineffective from the repeated use. Mort quickly ordered 20 of those ballistae to be brought uphill along with half of the bolts they had left. The rest of the bolts were used by their remaining ballistae. They would destroy the ballista when we ran out of bolts for it and retreat to the ones that still had to make sure they didn't fall into enemy hands. Mort cut the last ballista in half, ignoring the sword swung by the enemy behind him. In the end, he was impaled through the chest by a pike. Now, he was gone. He had died a heroic death and was willing to give his life to protect the secrets of the house's steel ballistae.

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