Nico Telesti, adopted daughter and student of Nico Albess.

Personality Edit

Due to the hardships she had experienced, the pale-faced scholar managed to acquire a strength of perseverance that not everybody had.

Appearance Edit

She has long maroon hair, delicate and pretty face, her large, intelligent-looking eyes, small, thin lips as well as her smooth, rounded chin. However, her skin tone was slightly paler than most.

She was first seen clad in a waistcoat worn over a tight-fitting black gown. 


During the First Prince’s ambush and the Third Prince’s retaliation, the imperial capital had been totally decimated. During that conflict, her mother had encountered some raiding soldiers and died in an effort to protect the results of her research. After that, Telesti collected the manuscripts of her mother and some other research documents and left with Vinny and her butler to the War God Shrine’s nunnery and managed to evade the effects of the war. When the war ended, she went back to her residence only to notice that it had been completely pillaged with nothing left. The situation had been quite terrible in the imperial capital during those two years and there was no way she would be able to survive there as a scholar. That’s why she decided to heed her good friend Norton Glacia's advice to head to the Northlands to continue my mother’s research. According to her, despite the relative ruralness of the Norton Family dominion, there is no need to worry about the flames of war encroaching that place and that it would be safe for her to continue her mother’s research over there.

Glacia invited Telesti to following her to the Second Highness’s dominion, as the risks of traveling to the Northlands were far higher. But she refused. Two years ago after the peace treaty was signed, the citizens of the imperial capital thought that the days after the conflict would be much better and peaceful. But in actuality, it was much worse as the price of food and other fundamental supplies had risen to unimaginable heights due to a huge shortage. The security of the capital also got progressively worse as many people gradually started to make a living as bandits or thieves. And even though the war had ended, the conflict between the dominion lords didn’t stop at all but rather increased instead. That’s why she decided to seek refuge from the Norton Family given the terrible state of affairs at the capital.

One huge factor for her decision to go to the Northlands was its benefit to her mother’s research. There is a place called the Blackmud Marsh within the dominion. After many years of research, her mother theorized that the Blackmud Marsh could have some remains or relics from the end days of the Age of Magic. However, she couldn’t pinpoint exactly where they were. Telesti hoped to be able to go there to see that place for herself and also restart her mother's research too. If she managed to find the relics she had mentioned to be there one day, she was sure she would fulfill the hopes her mother left to her before she departed to the afterlife.

Story Edit

Telesti was invited by Lorist to join him on our journey to the Northlands with his convoy and consider her a guest of his family. She would be allowed to stay for as long as you please in the family dominion to work on your research however she pleased, and they would provide for everything she may need during her stay as best as they could to her satisfaction.

One was given to Grandmaster Ciroba. the genius architect forced by Lorist to serve the house had already taken charge of all of the house's construction projects. He was currently neck deep in projects and had a rather fervent tendency of naming all the projects after himself, for example, Great Ciroba Dam, Ciroba Citadel, Ciroba Highway, and many others. While most of the names were later amended, it didn't change the old architect's habit. Just recently, he had named cannon station and lighthouse at Bullhorn Bay Ciroba Battery and Ciroba Lighthouse. In the end, Lorist changed the Ciroba Battery to Bullhorn Bay Battery, but he allowed the lighthouse to keep its original name.

Lorist gave out six honorary titles. Lorist's lover Telesti, academy head of Nico Academy, was also on the list for an honorary title. However, she refused to be made baroness. She only wanted to bear the same baronetess title as her mother. It was an honorary title above that of Knight of the Household, but did not actually convey peerage. It was thus the highest title of minor nobility.

Relationships Edit

Norton Glacia: She was Glacia’s neighbor and Glacia came over to her house frequently to play. She was like an elder sister to Telesti.

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