Norton Molocinque, three-star-silver-ranked household knight and current regiment leader of the third brigade of the heavy-armored division. He has shown heroic deeds and are greatly appreciated by his subordinates.

Background Edit

Molocinque, the first illegitimate son of Lorist's father and is the eldest of the bunch. He had obtained the support of the families of the garrison of Wildnorth Town, which was the main reason why he wasn’t approved as a candidate for the next family head.

Story Edit

As one of Norton Lorist's elder brothers sharing the blood of their father, he has performed incredibly well. Lorist was incredibly appreciative of him and allowed him to wear the surname of the family.

When the house took the Hanayabarta archipelago as its overseas territory. Lorist intended to form a garrison division for the archipelago comprising five brigades. Norton Molocinque, was made the division commander with Norton Wellickson acting as his aide. Both Molocinque and Wellickson were shocked. It was already incredibly magnanimous of Lorist to see them as equals, given their illegitimate heritage. But never did they expect to be given a chance like this to prove themselves. In other noble households, illegitimate children were usually oppressed and looked down upon.

Abilities Edit

Lorist gave him a high-ranked earth attribute Battle Force manual.

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