The marine brigade was officially declared the Oceanic Legion, Freiyar, became the commander of the Oceanic Legion. Originally, Lorist wanted to call them “the navy,” but after considering the fact that such a concept didn't exist on Grindia, and given the rather underdeveloped state of naval warfare, he chose a name that was simpler to comprehend.

Uncle Torin, Tok's father, and he's quite capable with logistics. He was made the marine brigade's supervisor.

The marine brigade at Bullhorn Bay was to be their reserve troops. Senbaud helped Freiyar arrange the ships Lorist expropriated into two armed fleets. One of them would focus on speed and have patrol, reconnaissance and interception duties. The other will be relatively slow and focus on transporting manpower and resources, and fight in direct confrontations.

Nors was considered by Lorist to be rather reliable and was assigned the position of the leader of the Second Navy Marine Brigade and would be in charge of recruiting more sailors on the island.

Silver-ranked knight and vice leader of the Oceanic Legion, Nors, had died in battle on the ocean as well. Seventeen silver-ranked knights of the first and second fleets of the Oceanic Legion, Captain Rolin, Bose, Telok, Hwaleit, Moog, and the rest all perished in battle. The total number of sailors and marines that were either dead, missing, or captured, was around 3700, with 38 ships lost. The Oceanic Legion forces stationed at Silowas, which numbered around 6000 men, had lost more than half of their forces, a staggering loss indeed.

They were left with eleven ships, still in good condition. Thirteen others required some repairs. Eight of them were only slightly damaged, but the other five would need more time. Senbaud's second fleet had 29 ships originally. During the rescue operation, he lost seven ships but managed to take two of the enemy's, making the current count 24. The Oceanic Legion had suffered heavy losses, more than half of their forces. The numbers of the marines were incredibly low.

After the extermination of the Hanayabarta kingdom, the Oceanic Legion numbered around 45 thousand men, with more than 400 ships spread out across the seas. Lorist ordered the Oceanic Legion's commander, Gold-ranked Knight Senbaud, to reorganize the legion following the completion of the transport process in hopes of forming two armed patrol fleets with cannons as their main armament to defend the coasts of The Northlands as well as Silowas. Not only that, he intended for three transportation merchant fleets to be formed, as well as release around 200 ships that he had commandeered before his campaign and compensate the losses of the owners to ship some of the slaves who wished to go back to their homes on the continent of Grindia.

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