Old Man Balk, the supervisor of the Norton family’s copper mine.

Appearance Edit

A white-haired man, in his sixties.

Background Edit

A little more than 10 years ago, when Balk was on my way to boil seawater to harness salt for the family, he came across some herbs. But when he started picking them, he accidentally fell into a cave somewhere around the area. He thought he was a goner for sure, but fortunately for him there were huge vines with intertwining leaves all over that cave which allowed him to climb out and somehow retain his life. Before he started climbing, he lied down on the ground for some rest and noticed a peculiar quality of those vines. For some reason, it was moister than most plants he had seen and there weren't any insects around them. Apart from some decaying leaves on the ground, he couldn't even see a single ant. He was quite hungry at that time and had nothing better to eat or drink, so he bit into those vines and sucked out some of its secretions to sustain himself, he stopped after tasting its extreme bitterness.

The cave was a rather large one and he couldn't find the exit after walking around, so that's when he decided to try climbing those vines and halfway up the deep cave, he cried out for help. It was fortunate that some of his friends were looking for him, so they dropped a rope for him to hold on to while they hoisted him up. Due to consuming some of the secretions of the vine, his stomach hurt for quite a long time and he only managed to recover after spending quite a sum to purchase some medicines from Master Dunbarsen of Wildnorth Town. From that day onward, he had never forgotten the taste of that liquid that caused me so much pain. Which he later discovered to be green vine glue.

Story Edit

After Lorist rescued Balk and his men from the Kenmays, Lorist sent Old Man Balk to help Telesti out with her work.

Lorist also gave out six honorary titles. The second to receive an honorary title was Old Man Balk. Lorist really wanted to make him a proper landed noble, but almost all of his officials and knights objected. They complained that he had only been the manager of a copper mine.  He had nowhere near the contributions of the other nobles-in-waiting. To use an analogy, Balk was the one who erected the foundations while the three supervisors built the walls and floors. Everyone praised the beauty of the finished house, but nobody remembered the hidden foundations and the important role they played.

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