Pajik, a one-star gold rank of common birth, had become the captive of the first young master of the Norton house during the time of the civil war. Following the first young master’s death, he kept his word and was eventually knighted by Lorist when he returned to the dominion.

Pajik, the commander of the second local defense brigade.

Background Edit

Technically, Pajik used to be a captive of the First Young Master, Norton Abelyde. Abelyde admired his talent and said that he wanted to ask him to become a knight of the family before he set out for battle. However, he never came back alive. The people of the bastide wanted to give him his freedom, but Pajik said that he wanted to uphold the promise he had with Abelyde, that was to stay at the family dominion for three whole years unless Abelyde comes back to make him a family knight.

Half a year before the date he would regain his freedom, Pesha gave Pajik a personal maidservant, much to his delight. However, three months right after that, the maidservant’s belly started to swell, revealing that she was in fact pregnant. After doing some digging around, Pajik only found out that the maidservant used to serve Abelyde personally and Pesha intended to adopt the child the maidservant had with Abelyde as her own stepson. That was why she felt distressed that the maidservant, who was the child’s biological mother, to continue staying at the castle and decided to give her to Pajik so that he would bring her away when he leaves after his term as a captive wass over. Pesha took to be raised as her own son, forcing Helias to be parted from Pajik's wife. Pesha was also the one who established their marriage. This was why Pajik usually didn't dare to act against Pesha.

However, that particular maidservant had been impregnated by Pajik. Given that he wasn’t some sort of noble, there wouldn’t be any problems for him to have an illegitimate child or two. In fact, he was quite elated that she was willing to bear him a child. That’s how he suddenly become a loyal ‘slave’ of the mother-to-be and her unborn child and did his best to take care of the maidservant.

In the beginning, his wife missed her son dearly and often cried herself to sleep in the middle of the night. However, she gradually recovered after giving birth to her and Pajik's son. Even so, her first child was still Helias and no mother would ever forget their firstborn.

Now that the child had been delivered, Pajik had properly become a 24-year-old father whose every action seeked the best for his child. To make more money for a better living, he went to see Butler Gleis and took over the management of the slave camp. When Viscount Kenmays attacked the bastide, Pajik was the one who had defended quite a number of attacks from several Silver ranked mercenaries and even killed two of the viscount’s knights who were stronger than Pesha in the process.

Story Edit

Pajik was made a family knight during Lorist’s inheritance ceremony. Pajik, the newly-appointed family knight, was put in charge of the slaves in the camp to build a citadel at another location.

Lorist returned Helias to his mother, and asked Pajik to be his stepfather, and raise him till he was 12.

The local defense brigades were consolidated into the first local defense division with Belnick as its commander and Pajik as the vice.

Lorist had Pajik become Belnick's right hand. He passed control of the second local defense brigade to his second in command and helped Belnick with the reorganization of the third local defense brigade as well as the formation of the fourth and fifth brigades. This was akin to a promotion for him.

Knight Pajik had been made an officer in Firmrock Legion following his breakthrough to the gold rank.

Abilities Edit

In 1777, Pajik who was training at Maplewoods, had become a gold-ranked household knight.

Relationships Edit

  • Pesha: Pajik's wife was previously the maidservant of the First Young Master, Norton Abelyde, and had birthed him a son, Norton Helias, whom Pesha took to be raised as her own son, forcing Helias to be parted from Pajik's wife. Pesha was also the one who established their marriage. This was why Pajik usually didn't dare to act against Pesha.
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