The leader of the third local defense brigade, Patt.

Appearance Edit

He is taller than Lorist.

He wears a swordsman garb and looks rather valiant.

Background Edit

Patt, had been part of the personal guard of the late Baron Norton. According to him, when the Lord Baron had heard about the attack from the barbarians, he quickly summoned the armored cavalry that was stationed within the castle which numbered only 18 people. This was all that remained of the main force of the family’s military. Including the Lord Baron and Patt, they were a force of 20 mounted soldiers. As the barbarian pillagers had come with a force of about 50 people, the Lord Baron requested help from the garrison and was prepared to take out the invading barbarians.

As Patt and the Lord Baron had arrived at the enemy’s base early, they discovered that the barbarians were not yet prepared for battle. As the agreed time for the joint attack with the garrison was nearing, the Lord Baron decided to launch the assault first and believed that the garrison would later arrive from the other side of the battlefield and join them in launching a pincer attack to wipe out the invading barbarians.

Patt had tried to warn the baron to wait for the arrival of the garrison troops before launching the attack, but his warning was ignored and the baron initiated the assault immediately. At first, the surprise attack seemed to work and the barbarians weren’t able to react in time. However, as they noticed the troops of the baron were far fewer than their own, their morale rose and they gathered for a counterattack. Had the garrison troops arrived at that moment, the barbarians would be completely defeated without a doubt. But no matter how long they waited, not a single garrison soldier could be seen on the battlefield. Seeing his troops starting to falter, the Lord Baron himself joined the fray even though he still hasn’t completely recovered from his sickness. It was at that moment when the barbarians started cheering as their reinforcements of 50 more people joined the battle. The baron’s troops quickly crumbled and Patt and the baron were the only ones who emerged alive from the carnage.

Story Edit

Originally, Lorist intended to have Jim become the leader of the Third Local Defense Brigade that was to be formed and stationed at Silowas Island as he felt that it was about time he let the man go his own way since he had spent so much time with him. However, Patt fell in love the beauty, Martha, of Whitebird Restaurant, and wanted to remain on Silowas. Lorist could only give Patt his blessings for him to one day return with a beauty in his hands and let him take Jim's position instead. Thus, Patt was made the leader of the Third Local Defense Brigade.

When the Hanayabarta Kingdom invaded Silowas Island, after receiving Freiyar's message, Charade quickly notified the Whitebird Town garrison to make preparations for battle and instructed the third local defense brigade to come over to the town quickly to reinforce them. The hundreds of  foes who arrived on shore on the first few ships were successfully intercepted by the garrison force, but there were many more ships behind them. More and more enemy troops began to swarm them. The hundreds of  foes who arrived on shore on the first few ships were successfully intercepted by the garrison force, but there were many more ships behind them. More and more enemy troops began to swarm them.

After Josk drew the blademaster away, the Whitebird Town garrison crumbled from the overwhelming force of the enemy. At the critical moment, Patt and his third local defense brigade troops arrived and managed to drive the enemy away. Following that, Jim led his regiment of 500 guards to reinforce them, giving themthe upper hand in battle. Charade was commanding the troops during the battle and thought that the reinforcements they just received would be able to drive the enemy out. He was right, the enemy couldn't resist them for long and were quickly beaten. But just as they saw the enemy retreating from the town, more than a hundred large-class merchant vessels arrived and started unloading their forces. This new wave of enemy troops was far stronger than those we had just beaten. They had many silver and gold ranks, as well as two blademasters. The local defense brigade suffered heavy losses right away, up to a thousand died. The first regiment leader of the brigade, Joseph, and the fourth regiment leader Donowan, died during that time.

At that time, they thought that they were merely pirates and didn't think for a second that they were actually the slavers and traders of the Hanayabarta kingdom.

A few soldiers brought the unconscious and injured Patt back from the frontlines soon after. Fortunately, Supervisor Hansk had a few medicinal concoctions with him, one of which he gave to Patt right away. After that, he prepared a carriage for Patt and other to be brought to Farama Village.

Patt, who had been injured during the attack on Silowas, had spent a year in the local defense legion following his recovery and was transferred back to Lorist's personal guard to become a regiment leader. Patt had been rather fortunate despite suffering injuries. After he recovered, he managed to take the beauty Martha from Whitebird Restaurant as his wife. 

Abilities Edit

Patt was a citizen of the Krissen Empire and practiced the standard middle-ranked Battle Force technique taught in the Krissen Imperial Army. It was a technique that allowed one to train to the Silver rank and allowed the practitioners to train further in any other higher-ranked Battle Force regardless of attributes. However, it was much more complicated than most normal Battle Force techniques and even had higher requirements if used to awaken one’s Battle Force.

Patt was a Three Star Iron rank and Lorist had ordered him to break through to the Silver rank within two to three months. Making him a One Star Silver Ranked shield-bearer.  

Patt trained with the hollow rotor and spinning chair in order to gain dynamic vision.

While he excels at defense, his offense is no doubt slightly lacking. Due to training in dynamic vision, he can ward off the attacks of gold ranked combatants. 

He used his shield-bearer skills to his advantage to wear down his Two Star Silver ranked opponent who gave up in frustration after one hour of not being able to defeat Patt.

Relationships Edit

  • Norton Lorist: His old rival and playmate.
  • Martha: He had successfully wooed White Restaurant’s Martha. Both she and her mother, Nataya, were willing to head to the Northlands to start a new restaurant by the port city. Business on the island wasn't going particularly well, so it wasn’t a hindrance to their decision.
  • Victor: Victor, the limping captain of Whitebird Town’s garrison, was also one of those who had been vying for Martha's affection. However, compared to the young, handsome, wholesome, and strong Patt, who also had two functioning legs, as opposed to Victor’s limp, Martha's choice was obvious. Patt was the leader of the third local defense brigade and Victor was the captain of the local garrison, with both vying for Martha’s favor, their units naturally experienced some friction between them as well. Patt, however, wore a face full of smiles the whole time. He radiated the aura of superiority belonging only to a victor.
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