Lorist set up a recruit brigade at Maplewoods Bastide for those aged between 20 to 25 with Battle Force beneath the Iron rank. There, they would continue to train until they meet the conditions to join the other units of their forces. In the future, they would no longer have to recruit soldiers from their citizens. The men they need could be sourced from this brigade.

Other than that, every male citizen below the age of 18 would be required to join the recruit brigade to accept training to awaken their Battle Force. This will be optional for female citizens of the same age range. Each course will last three months and those who haven't awakened their Battle Force can attend these courses three times in succession. In the future, the candidates for recruitment will be chosen from these people who pass the course. The main force of the family will be required to have at least Iron ranked Battle Force with the garrison troops having the Bronze rank as the base requirement. When they had enough soldiers in each unit, they could begin expanding. He left this recruit brigade for Belnick to manage.

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