Background Edit

Sendhank used to be a noble of the Symleis kingdom. But, due to his fanatic passion for the martial arts and his youthful ambitions to breakthrough to the gold rank before marrying and settling down, he traveled far and wide often, at the cost of his fiancee. In the end, she had an affair with his younger brother. He was drugged with force-dispersing toxin during one of his short stays at him and, by the time he woke up, he had been sold as a slave. His younger brother took his place in the line of succession.

Story Edit

Sendhank could not accept Lorist's offer to join House Norton. As his home lied far south of the former empire, within the Romon Empire. He wanted to return home and pay back his fiancee and brother for their treachery. He also want to retake his rightful position as the head of his house.

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