Appearance Edit

A honest young servant.

Background Edit

Shadekampf was Lorist’s personal attendant.

Abilities Edit

Shadekampf was a citizen of the Krissen Empire and practiced the standard middle-ranked Battle Force technique taught in the Krissen Imperial Army. It was a technique that allowed one to train to the Silver rank and allowed the practitioners to train further in any other higher-ranked Battle Force regardless of attributes. However, it was much more complicated than most normal Battle Force techniques and even had higher requirements if used to awaken one’s Battle Force.

Shadekampf kept forgetting the major blood circulation paths he learned, it was already quite a stroke of luck for him to have been able to awaken his Battle Force back in the day.

Lorist gave him a much simpler Battle Force manual, whose major circulation paths are much easier to remember. As long as he trained hard for two to three years, it wasn’t a problem for him to reach the Iron rank. If he didn’t at least train to the Iron rank Lorist threatened to sack him. He was given a test every three months and every time he saw no improvement in his Bronze Battle Force he would decrease his salary. If his salary got decreased until there wasn’t any left, then he would be sacked.

While he wasn’t the most talented person when it came to Battle Force training, Shadekampf was quite well-informed of the status of the dominion and understood what type of resources would be most beneficial to the family given his prowess in management taught to him by Butler Gleis.

Relationships Edit

Knowing that he was the confidant of the new family head, the three supervisors tried their best to get on his good side.

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