Tarkel, Furybear commander responsible for the management and placement of their informants

Lorist realized that Tarkel was naturally talented as a spy. It was because of that realization that he forced him to follow me to the dominion.

Personality Edit

He wasn’t that much of a talented person and only loved to pay attention to gossip and analyze the situations surrounding them.

Tarkel, had muddled in the lowest depth of society and had seen much of the deceit and duplicity it had to offer. He appeared friendly and generous, as a good man should, but there were few lines he did not dare cross to achieve his goals.

At Geldos he had suggested Lorist use the families of Count Cobry's soldiers as hostages to force their surrender. Lorist had rejected the proposal outright.  He was a principled man from a military house. He would never resort to such dishonorable designs. It was a shame neither he nor his house would be able to live with. His suggestion had caused Lorist to take true note of Tarkel. He had a rare adeptness at making friends and connections, and was deft at intelligence gathering. These traits resulted in his forced relocation to The Northlands. Lorist understood that the house would require both virtuous and vicious talents to develop and thrive, so he did not mind, and even appreciated, Tarkel's insidious nature. Lorist was not averse to using Tarkel, if he was obedient and loyal.

Story Edit

The Norton convoy was heading north to return to the house's dominion. They had been attacked by Count Cobry's spear cavalry on the way. It had ultimately ended with the defeat of Count Cobry and with Lorist occupying the Northwestern Province's city, Geldos.

Back then Tarkel had merely been a guard for one of the prison camps in the city. He was a two-star-iron-rank and cowardly as a mouse. Lorist was convinced that he had his talents and dragged him to the northlands forcefully.

He was picked to be Lorist’s personal attendant, he was even brought along to Williamiles Castle to participate in the surprise attack operation.

On their arrival, however, Lorist was swamped with urgent matters and forgot to tend to Tarkel. The latter was forced to join Yuriy's light cavalry scouts just to make a living and look after his family.

The time he had spent with the unit had changed him completely. There wasn't a trace of his previous cowardice left, and in its place, was a rare bravery. The many life-threatening battles he had experienced had also pushed him to the peak of the iron rank. He was now courteous and respectful towards others. When Lorist finally got around to Tarkel, he immediately made him his personal attendant. A year later, having broken through to the silver rank, he was taken in as a household knight.

Lorist had sent Tarkel all over the place on one task after another over the next two years. The tasks themselves were thought eccentric by most, one of the longer trips lasted a full three months. Tarkel was required to write a report on every location he visited, including any personal thoughts or opinions he might have on it for that trip. For two years, Lorist have assigned Tarkel to work on more than ten different occasions. He had to do something different every time, yet he still adapted flawlessly and integrated into his new working environment without fail. He even built up quite the list of new friends and contacts. He would be swimming like a fish in water in his new environment in less than a month, not to mention his friendly relations with his colleagues. If one didn't know otherwise, they might have thought that he had been working each job for several years. This is Tarkel’s talent. He is a natural spy, and he did not have a loose mouth either. Every time he moved to a new workplace he started as a blank slate. Not a word of his previous job escapes his mouth. This is a quality Lorist greatly admire.

Tarkel had done rather well for the two years Lorist had remembered him. He had been rather industrious with your battleforce training as well, reaching the two-star silver-rank.  After receiving the battleforce manual from Lorist, his training progressed even faster than when he was using the manual given to him in the military. That was because his battleforce was fitting for the technical manual he gave him.

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