The heir of Viscount Tebri, Tebri Tim. However, he was the only one who was still alive that beared his blood as his family members had all perished at the hands of Count Cobry. Which is why he dared to call himself the sole successor. Ever since he managed to strike a deal with the Peterson Merchant Guild, he used their reputation to gain proper certification documents for his title, and ownership over the viscounty, from the First Prince. He is now a proper landed noble.


Personality Edit

Even though he seemed rather sharp, he lacked the refined air of a noble and seemed more like a merchant or a butler, as could be inferred from his eyes that kept on moving nonstop as if he was plotting something in his mind.

Appearance Edit

He is a man in his forties. He was first seen wearing a loose-fitting grey cloak that did not quite fit his physique as well as a set of brown breeches; that were the clothes the convoy provided for the people to withstand the winter cold. Even though this middle-aged man wanted to present himself as a noble, his eyes that looked all over the place unnervingly gave his nervousness away.

Background Edit

He was the eldest son of the viscount, born illegitimately.

Once the Viscount Tebri, casually ordered someone to be beaten to death with a gentle and smiling expression. He once witnessed his father ordering for a fisherman to be hanged for attempting to hide his catch in order to avoid paying his fair share of tax. That fisherman lost his life just because he dared to try to trick the viscount. He could clearly recall what his father had said back in the day, “I don’t really care about the fish you were trying to hide from me. But I can definitely not forgive those who dare to lie to my face.” Also, his other brothers who were the legitimate sons of the Tebri Family caned some of the dominion’s citizens to death for having startled their mounts. From a young age, he had been taught how to live his life humbly given his status as an illegitimate son and slowly gain his father’s trust to become an official in the dominion by his mother who was one of the count’s maidservants. He was also instructed to take advantage of his status as the illegitimate son of the viscount to glean some advantages for himself from the dumb common folk.

The Viscount had him manage the business of the three orchards within his dominion. Due to spending most of his life among the common folk, he did not have much interaction with people of noble standing.

When Count Cobry’s initial assault began, Viscount Tebri had brought Tim along with him to bury a stash of gold coins in a secret location so that he would one day be able to use it to regain his power. He also instructed Tim to not return to the castle and head to the areas within the dominion that had yet to be taken over to move the food and supplies to a cave within the mountains which he had discovered when he went out on a hunting trip with Tim. It was an abandoned bear cave that only the two of them knew of.Having carried out the viscount’s instructions properly, he returned to the dominion only to find that the castle had already been taken over and the viscount as well as all the rest of his family had all been put to death.

But when his father and brothers were all killed by Count Cobry’s forces, he was struck with the sudden revelation that he was the only person who still carried the blood of the viscount. Even though he hadn’t received any etiquette lessons for nobles nor awakened his Battle Force, he had been allowed to learn how to read and write as he had gained the favor of his father. But his hardships didn’t stop him from building his reputation as the sole heir of the viscount among the dominion’s citizens and he capitalized on his experience and wit from his days as a traveling merchant as well as his skills as an orator to form an insurgent force by recruiting the citizens of the war-torn land and had managed to erect a stronghold within the western mountains. However, that all ended when the count’s forces crushed his own and made him their captive.

Story Edit

Originally thinking that there would be nothing more waiting for him other than death, he was quite surprised to discover that the powerful rebel-sweeping forces would actually be defeated by a convoy’s military escort, thereby liberating him from his predicament. After having his fill of food on the night of the camp’s occupation, he went around to ask about the convoy and suddenly realized the potential benefits he could gain from that opportunity. He thought that the moment he introduced himself as the heir of the viscount, the master of the convoy would treat him like a person of exalted status and adhere to his every request. At that time, he had already thought up a number of proposals and even planned to use the convoy to crush Count Cobry and fantasized about his glorious return to the viscount’s dominion with a large military force and become the noble that everyone admired and respected.

But when Lorist prompted him to choose the way in which he would be put to death, all those fantasies vaporized within an instant. He realized what a real noble was like, sociable, yet cruel, and having subordinates that would be willing to do anything for him, unlike his own who could only be swayed by fear or the promise of a reward. To Tim, Lorist reminded him of the fearful side of his father that had the life of the common folk at his fingertips.

Lorist helped him form an army, to take the dominion back for him and even gave him the proper training and lessons necessary on the customs and traditions of nobles so that he would act and behave like one and not embarrass himself in front of other nobles. In exchange for the location of the funds and resources he had, which were almost tens of thousands of imperial gold coins as well as enough food to last 3000 people for up to six months.

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