The Guard Squad

100-odd fully-equipped men, under Ovidis’s command.

Story Edit

38 of those men were Ovidis’s own subordinates. When they went to the stronghold to plunder the goods, Shadekampf also managed to get thirty other people to join them. After they returned, Patt suggested that they form a guard squad with the people that had joined them so that Lorist will look far more impressive upon his return to his homeland escorted by one. That’s why Patt picked another 30 men from the bandit captives to fill up the numbers required for a full squad and appointed Ovidis to be the captain of these men.

They had been forced into banditry to survive the harsh days after the war and didn’t do much evil across the years. They were more than happy to cast away their status as bandits to be in Lorist’s service, especially after he showed them his true abilities on the battlefield. Ovidis guaranteed that they would definitely be loyal to Lorist at all times. 

The casualties the Guard Squad suffered from the battle against the the Feathersoar Mercenary Crew, numbered 14 men. Including Pete, Mark, Ankor, and Wessen, comrades who had deserted the army and joined the bandits together with Ovidis. 

Ovidis's guard company was stationed at Firmrock Castle as usual and Pajik's guard company was to defend Maplewoods Bastide and reinforce the two army bases of the Pentasword Mercenary Crew should they need any help. 

Personnel Edit

  • Ovidis
  • Pete
  • Mark
  • Ankor
  • Wessen

Abilities Edit

The equipment was issued on the orders of Shadekampf, mail underneath a layer of scale armor. Given that the men have all awakened their Battle Force, two sets of armor wasn’t too much of a burden. Patt also said that the better armored they were, the less likely they were to die, thus being able to better protect Lorist.

Most of the guard squad members used to be common bandits who have never received any formal military training or drills and know nothing about strategic formations other than rushing straight at the enemy like how most bandits fight. If they were up against weaklings, then there wouldn’t be a problem. But if their enemy was an experienced mercenary crew which has weathered many battles, it is almost guaranteed for the guard squad to be at a severe disadvantage given their lack of understanding of military tactics.

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