Uncle Torin, Tok's father, and he's quite capable with logistics. Senbaud only managed to keep so many ships in check with his help. He was made the marine brigade's supervisor.

Background Edit

Torin was a silver ranked pirate, under the command of Senbaud's late father-in-law, the original head of the pirates. The head had been killed off by the second and third heads of the group because he divided the spoils unequally.

Torin brought some others to ambush the third head. At the time, only the one star silver ranked second head remained.

The head's daughter encountered Senbaud, who was able to triumph over the second head, helping her exact her vengeance. The remaining pirates then took him as their leader. With the aid of uncle Torin, he rebuilt the lair of the pirates and took the role of their boss with the beauty as his wife and mistress of the lair.

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