The limping garrison captain, Victor.

Confirmed dead were Victor, the captain of the Whitebird Town garrison and tax collection officer, Hart, who had been killed while defending the townsfolk during the evacuation.

Relationships Edit

  • Patt: Victor, the limping captain of Whitebird Town’s garrison, was also one of those who had been vying for Martha's affection. However, compared to the young, handsome, wholesome, and strong Patt, who also had two functioning legs, as opposed to Victor’s limp, Martha's choice was obvious. Patt was the leader of the third local defense brigade and Victor was the captain of the local garrison, with both vying for Martha’s favor, their units naturally experienced some friction between them as well. Patt, however, wore a face full of smiles the whole time. He radiated the aura of superiority belonging only to a victor.
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