The messengers sent from the convoy were accused of being bandits and most of them were killed by the garrison soldiers of the viscount with only five of the messengers managing to escape.

Viscount Darwof sent his men to the Baron Silas’s dominion to demand him to share half of the transport fee for the ferries to him and threatened that he would seal off the banks from the other side if he didn't. However, the viscount only occupied half the area of the opposite bank and the baron could easily move his port to another spot. Naturally, he refused his demand and changed where his ferries docked. It would only take the passengers a little more time to reach the main road. After noticing the baron ignored his demands, the viscount commissioned for someone to build him two new boats to set up a new ferry port to compete with the baron’s business. However, when the ships were complete, he realized that more than 50 kilometers along the western bank of the river was within the baron’s dominion and he had no place to dock his ferries. In the end, he sent someone to negotiate for him to have a share in the profits of the dock in exchange for investing the two ferries with him. Even so, the baron didn't give him the slightest damn and in the end, he had no choice but to gift the ferries to him so that he would move the port back to the original location. That way, he can also profit a little from collecting a toll at his newly-formed customs point.

Hearing his plight, he decided to accept his ferries and move his port back to the old spot. However, many merchant convoys came to complain to him that the viscount was getting more overboard with the toll. The baron had long worried about something like that happening as it would deter merchants from using my ferry service. Just as I was about to send someone to warn them, Lorist came over and taught them a lesson. 

When Lorist crossed the river to seek out the convoy, he hung the garrison soldiers that were collecting toll at the customs point. 

Viscount Darwof brought the men of his town to join up with Duke Loggins's forces to attack the Norton Family. 

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