“I’m starting to feel that my days in the academy are far too uneventful and boring. I’m starting to crave some real battles. My father told me that as a knight, the greatest shame he had was that he didn’t perish on the battlefield but to illness instead. Being a knight myself, I don’t intend to succumb to the same fate as my father’s. I believe I should go all over the place to seek conquest and battle.”

Waprey Terman, a one-star gold rank who was born in a family of freelance knights, was the first one to join Lorist's northbound convoy. Deeply trusted by Lorist, he got the position of the commander of the Raging Bear Knight Brigade, numbering nine thousand men.

Background Edit

Terman was a member of the Enforcement Division with a One Star Silver rank and was also one of Lorist’s good friends in the academy.

Abilities Edit

When he first joined Lorist's cause and became his knights, he was only at the three-star silver rank. Even though Terman didn't have much talent in training, through his hard work and military experience over the past seven years, he finally managed to take the next step and become a gold-ranked knight.

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