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Waxima is a tall and slender guy who acted with utmost politeness. His almost ceremonial behavior instantly revealed his traditional knight family upbringing.

He is a person who has very firm foundations that came as a result of hard work and preservation.

Background Edit

Waxima is quite famous in the Northlands and he also has a rather extensive family background: his father was a Gold ranked knight who had perished in the final battle between the empire and the Forde Trade Union. At that time, he was only 7 years old and he had inherited the manor and land of his late father. However, he was known to be 'Waxima the Slow' as many people believed that he was unfit for combat and slow in his wits.

The lord his father pledged himself to is the grandfather of the current dominion lord. When he failed on my second attempt to awaken his Battle Force, the current Viscount Beseth even asked him to leave the manor and said that their family could not afford to support a piece of useless crap like him.

Seven years ago, Norton Abelyde was a One Star Gold ranked knight and he traveled the Northlands to challenge all the famous knights within with none of them being his match. When he was on his way back to his own dominion, he passed through Waxima's manor. At that time, Waxima was trying the third time to awaken his Battle Force. If he had failed back then, he would have nowhere else to go and would have no choice to leave the manor that was left to him by his father. It was because he had Abelyde's guidance that he was able to awaken his Battle Force successfully in the end. Before he left, when Waxima asked if he would be able to meet him again, Abelyde left a badge behind and smiled as he said that Waxima could go find him with this badge when he reached the Silver rank and he would make Waxima his knight. That's why he decided not to follow the Beseth Family like his father did when he broke through to the Silver rank, considering that he also promised Abelyde that he would become a knight of the Norton Family. But when he finally broke through at the age of 23, using the Battle Force manual his father left for him, he received the news that Abelyde had perished on the battlefield.

Not knowing what he should do, he decided to visit the Norton Family anyway when he reach the Two Star Silver rank even if Abelyde was already no more. However, his mother passed away by coincidence at that time and his wife also birthed him a son, causing him to be unable to leave as he had planned. A year before he joined the Norton family, at age 29, he broke through to the Three Star Silver rank. It is even rumored that he had once refused an offer by Duke Loggins before. That same year, his father's liege's descendant, Viscount Beseth, went under the attack of two other new noble families, so he had no other choice but to help resist the attacks and they only managed to defeat those dominion lords earlier the next year. The reason he fought off the two noble families that attacked Viscount Beseth's dominion was to return the favors his family owed Viscount Beseth's grandfather. After returning the manor, they no longer owed each other anymore and he could leave without any lingering attachments.

Story Edit

He then spent three months to settle the issues within his manor, like laying-off his servants before he returned it to the viscount and brought his wife and son along with his attendants to the Norton family dominion. When he arrived he planned on visiting Norton Lorist, the next morning. But the other wandering knights in the area thought that he was planning to challenge them, so he had no choice but to defeat those two challengers. Then he thought that if he showed up at the castle walls, he might be mistaken to be challenging the family, so he returned once again to think things over. He didn't expect that evening, Lorist would've sent his men to find him. So he followed them back right away. Despite, the fact, Kenmays Family was willing to offer Knight Waxima two times the yearly salary other families paid their knights as well as giving Waxima his own personal manor which will be complete with all the necessary infrastructure if he made it to the Gold rank. The Family of the Pegasus and the Kenmays Family tried to convince him otherwise and made better conditions of their own.

Lorist was touched with the behavior that Waxima had shown which was exemplary of a most respectable and glorious knight. His firm belief on fulfilling promises was the best reciprocation the Norton Family could hope for. He went on to inform him that a group of Duke Loggins's soldiers had already managed to invade their dominion, and if he join them, he would have to face his men on the battlefield and nobody could guarantee his safety. Joining the Norton Family at the time, was not the most optimal choice he could make. Waxima knew the path of knights was supposed to be fraught with dangers. His only regret was that he couldn't come there earlier and did not wish to have the same regrets for the remainder of his life.

Story Edit

Lorist originally wanted to recruit the freelance knight Waxima as a probationary knight.

Abilities Edit

Waxima has a practiced and stable fighting style that allows him to aptly receive and parry any strike headed towards him, the knight gave off a dependable and reliable aura, similar to that of Mt. Tai.

Waxima had failed to break through and required half a year to recover from the backlash. 

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