Yuwen Ridest

Yuwen Ridest, nicknamed Yuriy, was a man from a line of shepherds from the grasslands. One of Lorist's close friends since the days of the academy, he joined Lorist's northbound convoy and eventually ended up being the commander of the light cavalry scouts.

Background Edit

Yuriy was a student of the Dawn Academy and was also an assistant instructor for their horsemanship course with a Battle Force rank of Two Star Iron. Like Lorist, he worked and studied part time and frequently joined up with other mercenaries to accept low-ranked missions for some extra money.

Abilities Edit

When he first joined Lorist's cause and became his knights, he was only at the three-star silver rank. Even though Yuriy didn't have much talent in training, through his hard work and military experience over the past seven years, he finally managed to take the next step and become a gold-ranked knight.

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