"I, Zelan Ovidis, am willing to pledge my loyalty to my lord. Let the God of War witness me oath in the name of my life. I will forever walk under the banner of the Norton Family and fight at the beckoning of the Roaring Raging Bear until the moment I breathe my last breath..."

Ovidis, nicknamed ‘Big-beard’, was a one-star-gold-ranked ex-bandit. After surrendering to Lorist and serving him, he eventually made many contributions to Lorist's cause. His trustworthiness and sincerity were the qualities that convinced Lorist to knight him.

Ovidis, the commander of the first local defense brigade.

Brother Oss

The Guard Squad

 commander of the Thunderbolt Brigade.

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Background Edit

Ovidis was the leader of thirty men. Not wanting to serve the Second Prince during the civil war in the empire, Ovidis led some of his other fellow soldiers to desert the army and secretly made his way to his homeland nearby. However, he did not get to live in peace for long as the Wolf of Plate Mountain later showed up in the area after a few years and coerced him into serving him through martial prowess and force.

Story Edit

After Lorist killed the Wolf of Plate Mountain, Ovidis threw his longsword away and kneeled down to beg for mercy upon seeing Lorist arrive in front of him. He was ordered to get his comrades to drop their weapons and kneel down to surrender.

Three challenges were carried out with Ovidis winning two of the matches and gaining a total of more than 30 gold Fordes from the ransom money. However, he was unable to continue after the second match as he had sustained a light injury to his arm.

Despite being a former bandit, Ovidis had been loyal ever since he pledged his allegiance, which was why Lorist trusted him deeply. Enough to give him command of the Thunderbolt Brigade. It was a definite improvement for him to breakthrough to the next rank.

Abilities Edit

He was initially a two star silver ranked mercenary.

In terms of technique, Knight Lamboway was far more practiced than Ovidis and his years of arduous training showed during the battle. However, Ovidis had more real world fighting experience on the battlefield and he attacked in a more savage way. Sometimes, he would even be willing to take his opponent's strikes just so he could land a square hit onto him. That self-harming way of fighting quickly put his opponent at a disadvantage as they have to withdraw their hands and feet as they parried Ovidis's strikes. They are eventually forced into a defensive position.

Lorist gave him a high-ranked fire attribute battleforce manual when he first took him in as a household knight. Back then, he was already at the three-star silver rank. Years later, he had already familiarized himself with the contents of the manual and was already at the peak of his rank. He felt that he would break through soon, so he requested for a one-year leave.

Jim failed his breakthrough and had to take half a year off to recover. Jim was in too much of a rush to break through. Even though he was injured in Hanayabarta’s conquest, he insisted on trying to break through the moment he was reasonably healed. He might have stood a chance if he’d waited another six months.

Gear Edit

He wears mail underneath a layer of scale armor.

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